Open Tops

Open Top Containers for Sale

Shipping bulk goods that need to be loaded by crane require a form of specialised shipping container called an open top shipping container. The result of another clever ‘out of the box’ modification to the original general purpose shipping containers, open top shipping containers are designed to transport bulky or heavy cargo that either won’t fit through normal container doors, or else require a crane for efficient loading. General industrial goods, pipes, steel bars, cables, iron ore, mining materials and logs are just some examples of the types of goods that can be transported in an open top shipping container.

Open top shipping containers help make loading bulk goods with a crane easy and efficient, and at Transterra Containers ™, we have 20 foot and 40 foot open top shipping containers available both for sale and for hire.

Open Top Shipping Containers Feature:

  • Both top loading and door loading capabilities
  • TIR approved PVC tarpaulins, or tilts with removable rear header
  • Attachable sealing and bow devices
  • Hardwood or plywood floors
  • Heavy duty lashing rings in the floor or bottom side rail

Note: The roof opening is smaller than the container’s internal dimensions due to the protrusion of the top side rails, which are needed to support the roof bows and the stubs.