Half Height Containers


Transterra Containers ™ supply Open Top Half Height Shipping Containers for sale to all areas across the country. These specialised units are perfect for the Mining and Construction industries as they are built to store and transport bulk products such as concentrates, sand, ore and other materials. They can do this due to their heavy-duty design as the reduced side walls give the container strength and a low centre of gravity.

Transterra Containers ™ Open Top Half Height Shipping Containers come with a removable hard lid for easy loading and control dust during transit. The lid is constructed with steel roof frame & roof panel and includes six sets of loading and unloading large fork handles, one pair of small fork pockets, seal gaskets and four roof locking mechanisms. At the bottom of the Open Top Half Height Shipping Container you will find one set Heavy Lift and one set Empty Fork Pockets.

Our open top half height shipping containers also feature a Front Discharge Hatch and Rear Barn Doors. This allows for fast discharge of the loaded contents by opening the hatch or doors and tipping the container. Inside the container you will find tapered smooth inner walls that come down to a coved edge to smooth floor.

Open Top Half height shipping containers are designed to securely stack to save space, which is often essential. We stock new and used half height open top shipping containers that are available for delivery South Africa wide.